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What does the bible say about [Topic]?


"Do you have any tracts on [Topic]?"

"Can you recommend a pamphlet by [Author]?"

Commentary Comparison

"Can you compare commentaries on [Verse]?"

"Can you compare commentaries by [Author 1] and [Author 2] on verse [Verse]"

Many ways to Search

"Do you have an videos on [Topic]?"

"Can you find me a video from [Website]?"

"Are there any videos by [Author] on [Topic}?"


"Can you find the verse that says, [Verse contents]?"

"Where can i find a verse about [topic]?"

Bible Verses

"I would like a to find a lesson on [Topic]?"

"Can you recommend lessons by [Author]?"

We are on track to have a completed product by the end of

SUMMER 2023. These last couple months are some of the most expensive as we upload the data and train the AI. Also maintaining the software to run the project. Any amount you could give would be greatly appreciated.

We also need ALPHA testers. If you are good at breaking things we need your help. We need a group of testers for the website and the mobile apps when they are completed. If you are interested please let us know. 

How Can I Help?

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